It is a catch basin of condensation with capsule filter and suction funnel for absorption of gases

This determined by a catch basin for condensation which through a systematic process of assembly permit condense all releases toxic pollutants from ducts and chimneys generating of pollution and environmental pollution.

Full Description:

-Consists of a catch basin, which allows condense volatile gases and particles resulting from the combustion process. It contains some alternate coupled devices or components internally and externally to make the process of condensation totally efficient.

-It is very important and remarkable the internal filter capsule, which will directly, makes the process of condensation, because their functionality, so in the front gets all combustion expelled and transforms liquid waste. Likewise his duct is very important too, because it dispersive all the gases. Ducts, filters and purifiers channel for clean.

-A suction funnel for absorption of volatile gases and particles resulting from a process of combustion emitted from a chimney expels. It has some alternate complementary devices that allow you to coordinate a way to make the process of absorption of volatile gases and particles; it also makes a process of ventilation addressed, and a process of injecting liquid, either simple or compound for bonding particles volatile. His diverse action NOT allows that particles and volatile gases expelled leave into the atmosphere. In this manner will be achieved in a very high percentage eliminate pollution and air pollution and the atmosphere in general. (Process patents registered and published in the official gazette Nro.579 SIC).

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
It will be reduce by 70% or more, the extreme levels of pollution and environmental pollution generated by the uncontrolled emission of greenhouse gases from stationary and mobile sources (cars and industries with fireplaces).

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
Catch basin cost: $ 900 CAN, (to install in vehicles)
Suction Funnel": 2500 CAN, to install in chimneys, ducts. (Variable price), because there are chimneys that do not require platforms.

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Invention #10547
Date posted: 2008-01-14

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