Sound pressure level adjuster

Left/right earpieces with a high quality microphone on the external surface, a hi-fi loudspeaker on the inside and an electronic level control, either physically placed on the ear piece or controlled via remote for sound level control.

Full Description:
As an avid concert goer with a very sensitive ear and conscious of the short and long term effects of high pressure level exposures, I've most of the time had to live with an inferior concert experience due to the use of physical barriers necessary to protect my ears (cotton balls, rubber plugs, foam plugs). I've always imagined a product that could offer a hi-fi control of the pressure level that enters my ears. A simple contraption like modern earphones, which would receive the sound on one side and transmit it in a lower sound pressure level on the inside of your ear.

There are two possible options for this:

1- A physical dampening method.
2- An electronic dampening method.

Actually this contraption is completely analog to a hearing aid, which instead of dampening provides amplification, but those are very basic products where sound quality isn't the main objective. In this case the sound frequency and sound quality are of the essence.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
When attending concerts or similar high pressure level events, there is no practical way of reducing the sound pressure level without affecting the sound balance and quality.

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Invention #10754
Date posted: 2008-04-30

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