Structural Reef Technology

I cannot divulge specifics regarding materials, systems however I can say that I firmly believe my system will prove to be the fastest and most economical method towards this end and that the long term life of these structures and maintenance or customization will also be optimal.

Full Description:
I have already proven the technology works however each situation requires it's own R&D including and not limited to engineering specs. Using my system will open both tremendous opportunities and also like other great inventions has a potential to be abused when in the wrong hands. This is why I am pursuing International patents and instilling guide lines that I hope will outlive me because though I believe any country wishing to use this toward a peaceful venture should I do not wish to litter the seas with structures.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
This technology can serve many functions. To deter shore erosion, for power generation facilities, for ocean farming environments, to replace damaged reef systems, and for the creation of offshore structures for trade, study, and possibly manufacturing in instances where the environment is complimentary.

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Invention #10808
Date posted: 2008-05-30

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