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Mammoth Earth  Waste to Product Innovation

Mammoth Earth Waste to Product Innovation

The Mammoth block is a new innovation to recycle non recyclable plastics and other problematic waste materials.

FAE (fresh air emissions)

Filter will clean 87% and up of all toxic air emissions/exhaust

FAE (freshair emissions)

filter will clear 87% of all toxic air emissions/exhaust in all fields of all industries

Portable Bag Holder

It is a plastic device (equiped with suction cups to allow it to be affixed to most smooth surfaces) with elevated sides, that would, hold open, biodegradable bags with handholds. Incidental garbage would be placed in the open bag.

Spillramp, global warming reducer, co2 reducer

The Spillramp reduces the need for paper towels because it allows fluids to be efficiently, hygienically, and in an environmentally friendly, reusable manner.

Toilet having a pressurised water supply

The toilet bowel is designed to work in conjunction with a device regulator to control the flow of pressurised water, directly from mains pressure. The devise purpose is to regulate the flow into the bowl creating a venturi effect to evacuate waste and water from the bowl. Using the above method reduces the amount of water used by the system and eliminates the need for a cistern.

Mobile Eletronic Dustbin

The salient Device is classic and Universal in nature to worldwide outclass solution in resolving waste menace and pollution at once from their respective sources, this is incredible achieved resolved the aged long detriment, in which is applicable to every home, street, society, and community. This is strongly know, without this incredible and salient manifestation of Mobile Electronic Dustbin, a glint Sustainable Waste Management can never be maintained at all, simply because it resolving the horrible bane from their respective sources.

T.P.STOP- the universal toilet tissue regulator attachment

This Patent Pending invention is a simple product which attaches to most currently marketed toilet tissue holders, without any tools, and can be adjusted to control the amount of tissue to be released by mechanical means.

compostable grocery bags

biodegradable grocery bags

DRAIN-OFF drip tray

Place pots (planters) on top of DRAIN-OFF drip tray to catch drip water and drain it off to a flower bed or yard area leaving patio/wood deck surface dry and stain free.

Producing Fuel from Exhaust Gases of Vehicles and Others

The patent includes scientific solution for global warming problem, and submits at the same time renewable energy resource. The main idea of the patent depends on absorbing exhaust gases by bituminous coal bed

home flood wall barrier

the brace is around the home 3 to 4 feet high,length is 6,8,12 feet .the joints are connected together in a c clamp manner

Structural Reef Technology

I cannot divulge specifics regarding materials, systems however I can say that I firmly believe my system will prove to be the fastest and most economical method towards this end and that the long term life of these structures and maintenance or customization will also be optimal.

hand towel that wash it self

machine for hand towel that will wash it self will include washing machine draier for recycle the hand towel for another use

Planter for a cyclone (chain link) fence

A Planter that easily attaches to any cyclone fence.

Tongue & groove lawn & garden rainwater containment tiles

Tongue & groove lawn & garden rainwater containment tiles Are specially designed tongue and groove tiles with trays that will collect and hold rain water from underneath the grass of a lawn and supply the water to the roots of the grass Keeping the grass well watered for a extended period of time even during drought. Each tile consist of three layers the first layer is a plastic tray. The second layer is a screen. The third layer is a soil & grass casing. One tile will be secured to the next tile creating one unit along the with and length of the lawn.

Optical Wildlife Rerouter

See enclosed narration

I have sold my invention, the (Samson) Electron Battery Accelerator due to the listing on IdeaConnection. Thanks, was a great place for exposure to the public!
– Ken F.

Thanks IdeaConnection!
My Egg Cracker invention is now under licence in the United States, thanks to my listing on your inventions page.
– John O.