Algorithm that allows friendly interface to facilitate the desired information to users.
Relational database structured so that knowledge can be stored for later recovered always maximizing information given.
Method of administration: database and the functioning of the algorithm. Allowing the introduction of information, correction, adjustment and operation of the system.

Full Description:
1-Algorithm. The algorithm makes use of two basic criteria of operation. The first, called Leoncio, is the simplest and acting on search words emergence of chain entry. (Fig. 1,2,3)
The second most innovative and refined, called Triston, maximizes the amount of information given in each answer using the basic approach and fundamentals of information theory (Shannon). Also takes into account the context of the conversation held with the user, thereby giving the procedure semantic functionality to increase the degree of significance of the responses. The algorithm also has other operating parameters that allow you to modulate both responses as the criteria for interpreting the innings, adapting to the needs of its operation at all times

2-Database. The structure and design of the relational database where information is stored to treat has a purpose. In other words, any kind of knowledge that could be developed in writing or in a manual, even though the manual very large can be adapted to this structure. The algorithm is able to function independently of the contents of the database to which access. The design of the database reflects a logical approach to classical (Aristotle) in which the world passes through the tight relationship between the substantive and the adjective of things. (Fig. 4 is not included)

3-Method of Administration. On the one hand, you can adjust the functioning of the algorithm to the needs of information required (algorithm parameters such as degree of context to take into account whether scored more adjectives or nouns, the relative weight of terms that must be considered , etc.). Moreover also lets you add content to Database. The burden (loading process) of information may be through a massive process (initial charge) or by specific latter actions maintenance (amendment, correct, deletion). The joint use of both procedures administration is the real training system so that it is ready to go as we wish and giving the information that users need. (Fig. 5)

4-Result of the independence of the functioning of both the Algorithm, and Database as well as the method of administration is that the system can be used to provide information on any aspect of which is necessary to do so. Simply connect both the algorithm as the Method of Administration to Database.

5-Also, a result of this independence of these three modules in the design, may well join both at entry (user questions) and output (responses of the system) modules speech recognition and speech synthesizer. This will totally reduce barriers for access to automated search and delivery of information for people with access difficulties.

6-Furthermore, when the system is running, all-conversational results are saved within a log database table. So, if you are developing marketing tasks or giving client support, this recording process will allow you perform data mining or any researching process about your customers, your markets or your products.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
To improve and optimize existing systems of care and information to users and customers (CRM, Call Centers, Web forms, etc.) It presents an easy way to obtain useful and practical information from a database of knowledge, using the natural language to interact with the system.

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
Business plan for THINKWARE if it is considered as software product to sell and install customized to specif clients in ther ITC infraestructure (in Spanish).

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Date posted: 2008-09-10

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