Producing Fuel from Exhaust Gases of Vehicles and Others

The patent includes scientific solution for global warming problem, and submits at the same time renewable energy resource. The main idea of the patent depends on absorbing exhaust gases by bituminous coal bed

Full Description:
The main idea of the patent submits scientific solution for our big problem of this age; it is "Global Warming Problem" and at the same time the patent give "Renewable Energy Resource". The idea depends on collecting exhaust gases of vehicles and other environmental resources such as iron reduction furnaces and cement factories, where for vehicles suitable container system which designed by any of research organisations to be installed with the vehicle for collecting the waste gases; and noticed [if it is difficult to use completly closed system, we can use semi-closed one as example; small tube have some holes can be connected between exhaust tube and the tank at which pump is fixed for pumping gases to the tank provided with one way valve]. For other environmental resources, the waste gases have been collected in big tank which can be transfered to the place of the plant.
Let us to describe the details of the patent:
The constituents of the burned fuel in the vehicle engine are; mainly mixture of hydrocarbon gases, in addition of some carbon dioxide, water, heavy metal components, and sulphur compounds. The constituents of waste gases for other environmental resources are carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen and sulphur compounds.
The patent advises for construction plant provided with system to adsorb carbon dioxide gas through bituminous coal bed which generate methane gas (natural gas) after adsorption process. Also the plant will be provided with gasifier unit for partially oxidizing hydrocarbon gases of the burned fuel to hydrogen and carbon monoxide; then produced carbon monoxide and hydrogen are taken for combustion in the off-gas system to generate natural gas. The plant should be provided with system for removing heavy metals, and sulphur compounds.
We should advise that some research have been performed before application the patent content. I will help the interested buyers of patent where I am working now as researcher at Michigan Technological University (USA), where the required research can be performed there at Michigan Tech. University.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
The problem is global warming problem

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
This patent have been applied after research by construction pilot plant which is the same one of the patent. The research can be performed at my university Michigan Technological University

Patent: EG 2,008,122,057

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Date posted: 2009-01-22

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