Silicone paint tray/liner

Silicone paint tray and or liner that paint could be allowed to dry in. Then after drying just flex and dried paint just falls off.

Full Description:
This product would be geared toward homeowners and professionals. The paint roller tray would be made of silicone (like the cookware already available),also liners that fit in existing paint trays extra large through small. The e friendly part is that the paint is allowed to cure and be thrown into trash rather than be washed down the drain into lakes and streams. Also if you forget to wash it out the equipment isn't destroyed. After the paint dries in the pan/liner the paint is easily popped off the pan/liner surface making the pan ready to be reused . No rusty pans or plastic pans that have paint build-up on them only to loosen in the new paint and ruin the wall with chunks of dried paint mixed in .

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Paint sticking to paint pan and always washing out pan

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Invention #11266
Date posted: 2009-02-16

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