Construction Inventions

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Steel Framed Structures

Structure is provided with a base platform connectors which are mounted on base foundation. the columns are connected to rafters and are made of "C" shaped steel. The columns consist of a vertical Knife plate that attaches to the rafters to which purlins are attached to provide a smooth surface for sheeting to attach.

Two in One Conduit Cutter/Support

The uses of this product are to ease pipe cutting and to serve as wire support; use mostly for electrical field

All-Purpose Concrete Level

It is 10 feet long. It have level bubble to make sure the concrete surface is level


In order to eliminate condensation phenomenon, the dew point of warm vapors has to be inside of a vapor impermeable insulation.

Caulk Caddie

An inexpensive injection molded caulk, sealant and construction adhesive tote box organizer.

T-Sheild/ Termite Shield

A device installed at the bottom of the exterior wall finish, this product protects, enhances and seals the application from weather and insects. A proven method of the best protection method avaliable. easy installtion of new and retro applications.


The Filta-Gutter is basically like a conventional gutter, but with a filter plate covering it. The design and configuration of the filter plate is crucial to its role as a filter

Reciprocating File/Prep File

The Reciprocating File consists of a section of file retrofittedwith a clamp which attatches to the blade of a reciprocating saw. This tool is designed specifically for hard material fab work, where much precise filing is needed. It works great on steel, aluminum, plastic, and wood.

Leak Stopping Sprinkler Heads

In order to prevent the waste of large quantities of water and to prevent damage to lawns and gardens due to lack of watering, a system is needed that will shut off damaged or missing sprinkler heads while allowing other sprinkler heads attached to the system to remain in operation. The present invention addresses all of the deficiencies of prior art leak stopping sprinkler head inventions and satisfies all of the objectives described above.

Sprinkler Runoff Conservation System Patent Application Published USPTO 20110114748

It is estimated that 83 trillion gallons of water are used for irrigation each year in the United States alone. If even 3%-5% of this amount could be collected and recycled, the savings would be significant. The present invention addresses this problem.

Through-Wall Electric Box

This electric box handles installations on both sides of a common wall at the same time utilizing less product and less wall space along with less labor by 350%.

stake master

a device that creates a hole, enabling the installation of a survey stake into frozen or hard ground

Silicone paint tray/liner

Silicone paint tray and or liner that paint could be allowed to dry in. Then after drying just flex and dried paint just falls off.

Manta Gutter System

The Manta Gutter Systems requiers no cleaning of leafs and debries found on roofs

new building material

the idea is about how to make walls easier and faster

3 In One Air Supply

Very light weight and compact and easy to use

The all new InLine Tape Measure

Its a tape measure & chalk line in one you dont have to buy or carry both my idea & invention will give to the contractor , dry waller , carpenter, floor installers been looking for

magnetic profile gauge marker

The gauge marker is magnetic and can be printed or plain to be marked up by the user and then wiped clean after use. Therefore easier to use than other products on the market.

Water saving

the condensate out of steam and cooling water lines is very pure and can be saved like was done at 2 accounts I have that used my water treatment company

Glittering Weight Chairs

Please see attached documents.

universal tie-down

this is a patented clamping devise, useing a right and left hand thread. There can be add-ons to the eyelet for muiltiple tasks.



Seismic, Pressure And Heat Resistant Wall

The invention is a new building structure which provides superior rigidity and radiation protection and which can be assembled without mortar and easily disassembled if required.

Eco-friendly building material

Eco-friendly building material which can be used as a cement additive, adobe replacement, sculpting material.

I have sold my invention, the (Samson) Electron Battery Accelerator due to the listing on IdeaConnection. Thanks, was a great place for exposure to the public!
– Ken F.

Thanks IdeaConnection!
My Egg Cracker invention is now under licence in the United States, thanks to my listing on your inventions page.
– John O.