Through-Wall Electric Box

This electric box handles installations on both sides of a common wall at the same time utilizing less product and less wall space along with less labor by 350%.

Full Description:
A metal are box made of any constructive material that contains a wrapper folded as a box open on two sises. A bracket welded to the box for installation to a wall stud. and two device brackets for electrical devices or oxygen lines etc.
Ground studs or build into the box body.
You may see the installation movie and picture at
The patent number is 6,774,307 for a more detailed description and a broad base of claims for secure patent.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
This electric box uses less materials, allows for more space to be utilized for duct work are other building material installations and save time.

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
I have one patent pending on a electric device being used by 4 major companies.
Waiting on patent issue.
Offers welcome.

Attached files:
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Patent: US 6,774,307

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Available for consultation? Yes

Invention #11350
Date posted: 2009-03-19

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