Mobile Eletronic Dustbin

The salient Device is classic and Universal in nature to worldwide outclass solution in resolving waste menace and pollution at once from their respective sources, this is incredible achieved resolved the aged long detriment, in which is applicable to every home, street, society, and community. This is strongly know, without this incredible and salient manifestation of Mobile Electronic Dustbin, a glint Sustainable Waste Management can never be maintained at all, simply because it resolving the horrible bane from their respective sources.

Full Description:

A world class Solution in achieving zero- waste Society as an Urgent Attention towards a Sustainable Waste Management Using Mobile Electronic Dustbin, an Effective solution for personal Hygiene and sanitation to each individual or Micro Unit of each Society respectively.

The salient Device is classic and Universal in nature to worldwide outclass solution in resolving waste menace and pollution at once from their respective sources, this is incredible achieved resolved the aged long detriment, in which is applicable to every home, street, society, and community. This is strongly know, without this incredible and salient manifestation of Mobile Electronic Dustbin, a glint Sustainable Waste Management can never be maintained at all, simply because it resolving the horrible bane from their respective sources.

Providentially, the usefulness of Mobile Electronic Dustbin is imperative enormous that cut across the globe to be the first of its KIND and none of its KIND ever dynamic to be out classic feat with its stupendous and stunning functions in transforming every waste to useful Energy Utilization incessantly for every society development to economic upsurge of every nation Worldwide. Health is wealth, the manifestation of this salient Device make it possible for people to live a clean and hygienic environment that guarantee healthy living to all and sundry total away from polluted environment.

The device is classic with outlasted effect to be a salient cardinals to society development with awesome attributes in transforming the World from waste pollution as a great challenge to the entire Globe. The functions of the device are highly distinctive in transforming every waste to energy utilization for preventing pollution from their respective sources. This is not a matter of COMPETITION but a matter of URGENCY the bane demand to save the entire World from environmental catastrophes.

Environment is the only legacy for posterity, is protection is imperative and paramount to humanity sustenance providentially. Since time immoral, waste is a perennial problem. The developed countries are trying all their possible best to resolve the bane in its totality but none is a permanent solution yet. This is a great concern to the entire World, with all waste Plants, some of them are totally condemned for emitting dangerous gasses to the atmosphere causing more environmental problems than solving it.

Even though the whole World is on the drawing board to find a permanent solution to the harmful and painful bane. With Mobile Electronic Dustbin, the World needs not to be floundering about for solution any longer. The device is multi dimemensional or multi faceted verve, in resolving and transforming every gaseous, liquid and solid waste to sublime potent products as a means of energy utilization for society loftiness scientifically. The device is virtue of necessity as holistic approach in achieving zero waste society.

The imponderable solution is everlasting, supreme and remarkable feat ever reliable to make every society or community to be more habitable in terms of improvement and cleanliness to people living standard totally away from polluted environment. This is achieved and attained due to the pragmatic and invincible CONCEPT of the device in tackling and combating waste menace from their respective sources are totally nullified in preventing compilation or accumulation of waste that remain unbearable burden to every society to Energy Utilization.

Mobile Electronic Dustbin is urbane, highly sophisticated with advanced technology to deal with various types of waste at the respective sources. It is trendy, incredible and imperative verve in waste transmutation to energy utilization in resolving energy crisis. The manifestation and effectiveness of the device have multiplier effect in making comfort and harmony inevitable towards achieving a sustainable Waste Management for better quality of life in managing the environment effectively. The comparative advantage of the device is incredible outstanding, highly distinctive and ever reliable in transforming every waste to potent, specific, sublime and novelty products all through.

What You’re Organization as main Promoter/Sponsor stand to GAIN from this PROJECT!

Certainly, Your Organization controls the entire Globe with the world of innovation and ingenuity in protecting the Environment.

This is a remarkable feat anew beginning in making the World a better place of living to all and sundry. The improved innovation is unusual and excitedly different in achieving zero waste society. Mobile Electronic Dustbin is Nanotech e-waste Integrated Devise System. Its operation is fully computerized and digitalized, imperatively control, monitor and regulated electronically to the extend no one can abuse or manipulate what EXPERTS preset within facsimile nanotech MODEM installed for transmission through the main Communication Network System.

With this Project, I have what it takes to PARTNERSHIP with Your Organization. I have the Originality and Blueprint in achieving zero waste society without any stress for people usage, as the brainchild in making the different verve to the entire World. I have worked out the modality. BUILDER will build the prototype and models.. YOUR reputation will soaring beyond in term of achievement in solving global problem pertaining to waste menace and pollution respectively. No one ever achieved!

The project attributes are the cardinals and objectives of Your Organization, to the attainment of World focus greatly achieved. The Operative System works like Internet, GSM phone and Automated Teller Machine but peculiar and pertinent to waste menace transmutation to energy utilization in total eradication of poverty and pollution. From this project, it is imperative people will create massive wealth from their waste to energy utilization incessantly in which society cleanliness and living standard will be greatly achieved to all and sundry. This is attainment of world focus all through.

Your Organization will be leasing the RIGHT to each country for their Environmental Protection. This is another globalization project connecting the whole world together as a new standard for environment protection. All the previous hindrances, impediments and predicaments are totally rectified in dealing with various types of waste transmutations to energy utilization. Through this project will tremendously benefit the entire World, people will be empowered and engaging in transforming waste to wealth creation incessantly.

Providentially, Mobile Electronic Dustbin is the timeless raves of moment as the hallmark of excellent which will remain UNBEATABLE EVERGREEN no one ever comes across for capturing the future with pragmatic, invincible and outstanding feat of innovation aptly implemented. This is exceptionally beyond to ascertain the FUTURE timelessly! The apt logistics and unstoppable ingenuity behind the impetus of this innovation will render so many age long and new Waste- plants or Incinerators of both large and small sizes to be OBSOLETE. The device is multi-faceted and holistic approach ever reliable in making a great impact to society cleanliness and sanitation apace in achieving zero waste society timelessly. right from each micro unit.

This is a World Project in which it will be handled by YOUR Organization together with Prototype BUILDER working directly to make a huge success of the project. Mobile Electronic Dustbin is based on immutable principles of existing components, in which the Prototype BUILDER have been doing all along, all the components in most of all their computerized products with sublime dexterity, they are already been produced to specification within the production lines of the company. In the in nutshell, the device will easily produced by the Prototype BUILDER as a work over project that will be easily done beyond to capture the entire World with innovation of endless and charming ingenuity no one can beat.

The bidding for its franchise among Electronics Companies will be handled by the CONSORTIUM formed. The project is self sustaining propensity, whatever is invested in putting all parameters in place will instantly accrued as BONUS in multifold through the FRACNHISE BIDDING. The proceeds are like huge- endless windfalls of heavy torrents of money from time to time.

Through this project, the impact of Your Organization will be well known throughout the Globe for Environmental Protection. People will be full of astonishment to save the entire World from inertness of waste menace and pollution. The recognition and reputation unflinching beyond in great momentum over the project to the entire World for coming out successfully to create respite to people need as a means of ensuring safety and environmental protection simultaneously.

The Prototype BUILDER is a force to reckon with for huge success of this project. The Company is a PROTO-TYPE Specialist with multi discipline trend to foresee the project all through. The Prototype BUILDER MUST be part of the Formidable CONSORTIUM controlling and managing the project maintaining tempo of huge success all through. Providentially, this project is legacy for humanity no one ever discovers to enjoy endowment of nature.

Models and Proto-type of Mobile Electronic Dustbin built by the Prototype BUILDER is only meant for DEMONSRATION for its FRANCHISE BIDDING among Electronics Companies worldwide such as Samsung, LG, and vote of others .The Proto-type remains the specification working out its modality and workability of the entire project.

Mobile Electronic Dustbin is going to be mass produced to different BRANDS to different MODELS with the same application all through that will be handled by different ELECTRONICS COMPANIES affordable to the MASSES worldwide, Cheaper to maintain with optimal or maximum utilities to people comfort improving living standard of people globally. People can now live in harmony with the environment blissfully. Health is wealth. It is time to make hay when sun is shining. A stitch in time saves nine.

Putting the parameters in place and not to put the Cart before the horse, all concerning parties such as Project Consultant, the Prototype BUILDER and PROMOTER/ SPONSOR involving in this project MUST Agree on certain ratio based on the merits as means of motivation will be well spell out in the CONFIDENCIAL AGREEMENT and more importantly, everyone working for the success of the project MUST well and adequately compensated by maintain perfect harmony at all time, In making the World a better place of living for all and sundry.

As Your Organization embarking on this project, Your Organization will have the SOLE RIGHT to least the license to every country to use the sublime innovation of empowering people to wealth creation. This is another new dimension beyond people imagination of coming up with unusual novelty decorum. The whole World agog in excitement, Your Organization will be synonymous to great achievement. In the past the bane defied all solutions is now a milestone of achievements exceptionally achieved, in which the entire World accolade the unswerving reputation built upon of great success!

The obligation of Your Organization to verified the true veracity of this project and knows the strength of the project, what it is all entails to be first of its kind and none of its kind. The project is excitedly different from all existing Incinerators. What the project need is to create AWARENESS and PUBLICITY to give the World a respite for the first time.

No one ever doubts the evidence of his own eyes. World need not to be floundering about for SOLUTION any longer. When time call for change there MUST BE CHANGE! The World will passionate about the development of this project, when they are fully aware of it. People will tremendous and stupendous benefit from this project. Aptly, the comparative advantage of using Mobile Electronic Dustbin with its enormous functions and relevant feat is incomparable towards a sustainable Waste Management. It is ever dynamic to its elated performance superlatively

Environmental Issues are the most priority discussed globally these days such as the effect of Global Warming or Climate Change, Ozone Layer Depletion, Green House effect, Wild life extinction; Deforestation and Desert Encroachment just to mention few. There is great disorder in the Eco system need to be address instantaneously. All the proffer solutions are ephemeral and abstract the whole World is fretting what might be the consequence if the problem is not properly address.

Seeing is believing, the appraisal of this project is only upstanding and lasting solution is by tackling waste menace at their respective sources. The elated development of Mobile Electronic Dustbin with sounded, resultant and vibrant impact that will have multiplier effects in achieving zero waste society. There is no alternative to this stunning innovation in generality. What is once defied all solutions in the past is now a milestone of achievement to the hue and cry of every society from trend of unpleasant, unbearable, horrible state to health living of people in totality.

Promoting this project Your Organization have nothing to loose than stampeded overwhelmed AUTHORITY of your stated OBJECTIVES to the entire World among the compeers. Countries will be subscribing for the RIGHT for their Environmental Protection. This wills tremendous benefit the whole World to upsurge economy growth unending.

Substantive REASONS imbued within Mobile Electronic Dustbin make It remain Unbeatable and Unstoppable ingenuity as Holistic Approach; aptly subdue waste menace to Cleanliness and Energy Utilization at the same time ultimately.

There are so many reasons why Mobile Electronic Dustbin will remain unbeatable and unstoppable innovation, capturing the entire World with sublime and stimulation ingenuity timelessly. The manifestation of this project will solved some of the bothering issues concerning environmental problems relative to waste menace and pollution transmutable to renewable energy or energy utilization.

The imponderable feat achieved will be astounded mystery to the entire World. The success in achieving environmental protection imperatively and absolutely inclined to be soul stirring beyond but not just a success elated pertinent to be a huge success with definenitess of purpose and flawless vision accomplished. The project is very crucial to the world need and critical to world attainment towards a sustaining Waste Management for environmental protection.

Mobile Electronic Dustbin is deliberately and exclusively designed for universal waste transmutation to energy utilization in making the World a blissful sustenance to humanity for all and sundry. Over many years, countless lives were lost daily due to myriad of diseases, bacteria, virulent germs and scourges associated with waste menace and sooty pollution, people unduly expose to painful experience each day to hazardous or harmful environment.

The World at the cross road over what to do against polluted environment. What to do to get out from rut is like upheaval and strenuous task seems beyond. Mobile Electronic Dustbin is a virtue of necessity to life sustenance, in which the World is awaiting for its invincible and pragmatic concept of addressing the waste menace at their respective sources or micro units to each society in achieving zero waste society incessantly.

What gives credence to this project is the World desire to life sustenance and eco-system sustainability to humanity. The resultant effectiveness having multiplier effect to sanity, sustenance and sustainability. Mobile Electronic Dustbin is unmistakable attainment of World focus in total eradication of aged long pollution to waste transmutation to different novelty, potent and sublime outputs inherently subdue waste menace to incessant wealth creation, prosperity and posterity all for humanity.

Apparently, Mobile Electronic Dustbin is inevitable to people comfort, living in harmony to enjoy the environmental friendliness and its endowment all through. The logistic behind the device makes it imperative and holistic approach in making the difference from all existing Incinerators either large or small due to the awesome concept and salient peculiarity of Mobile Electronic Dustbin makes excitedly different and exceptionally beyond. The hindrance, impediments and predicaments previously encounter that defied the solution are perfectly implemented towards a achieving sustainable Waste Management.

This project will proved to people and to the entire World how worsen or harmful waste could be or crumb to be worthless like dried leaves, they are full of economic potentials need to be transmuted to Kinetic Energy. Waste business is a very LUCRATIVE

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
To transform every waste to energy utilization for industrial growth of every nation in achieving zero waste society and improving living standard of peopletotally away from polluted environment.

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Date posted: 2009-04-14

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