It is the invention in a separate performance robust joiner clamp of small dimensions, which is as necessary in a few seconds may be connected to any desk, worktop or even a wider board, transforming an ordinary table in the carpenters bench with strong Fixture mechanism. When not in use, device may be postponed in the corner of the workshop, where occupies minimal space.

Full Description:
Separately carpenter fixture-device is primarily intended for craft, hobby and amateur carpentry, but it is possible fine performance for precision tasks such as to create a airline-models or ship-models, etc. The basic idea is elaborated in several versions shown by attached pictures. In all versions except the last (cheapest), it is possible to use any of the two proposed variants of the mechanism for clamping. Also possible is the delivery of both mechanisms with the same body of devices, so the user can use the mechanism with the screw by Figure 2 for strong shrinkage and difficult working conditions (eg for hitting or vibrating tool) or quick-lever mechanism with suitable especially for serial processing of workpieces equal length by Figure 5. All versions except the version by the Figure 4, have connecting elements on the two sides and can stick with a working panel in position for horizontal or vertical orientation of workpieces, because processing of the edges. Performance by the Figure 4 carries the elements for clamping an the upper and sideward too, so it is possible tightening of workpieces in a horizontal or vertical position (because of processing of the edges) without separation devices from work-plates. Fixed jaw can consolidate at any position in the longitudinal groove, drowned in the body of devices, except for the cheapest version, where is plugged in the holes. The forehead of the Beam is longitudinally sawn and punched, so that the moving jaws elements can be conducted inside the beams, through the screw with a crank in one, or with curve in the form of a Archimedean-spiral in the second version of tightens-mechanism. Archimedean-spiral has enough mean climb, so that is self-braking in every position, and if necessary can be jagged.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
The invention solves the problem how with the help of separate device plugged in any table or worktop, temporarily or permanently converted it to a carpenters bench with possibility for tightening of workpieces

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
Neither the description of the ideas nor the patent documents are not provided details wich are significant for the full functionality of inventions, so inventor will be responsible for the quality of product only if he is entrusted by constructive and workshop documentation. Date of receipt of customers notification about acceptance of inventions will be the zero day of project ---------------task---------------------------------------------------------------- cal.days: • Acquire International Protection (at the expense of the buyer) 90

• Agreement on alternative solutions (variants, wood, metal or plastic, defining size or more sizes, possibly fitting into an existing product), including exchange backgrounds of project 14

• The development of constructive and workshop-drawings (offered for
$ 4200 per variant) 21

• Delivery and acceptance of, or comment on documentation 10

• Possible correction of solutions according to customer requirements
(in the framework of agreed variations) 14 • Development of agreed variations prototype (based on actual costs in Croatia + 20%) 45

• Testing the functionality of the prototype with reporting and possible proposing of improvements or drawing corrections 14

• payment to bidders 10

In the case of realization of more variety, time go 20% more by each version.


Nonexclusive license to use the ideas offered for 5000 $ + 1% of revenues from wholesale prices withouth rebat. If nonexclusive license will be agreed, bidder reserves the right to send the offer to invention to other customers too.

Exclusive license to only one buyer: 10 000 $ + 2% of revenues from wholesale In the case of exclusive licenses, the supplier can not offer the invention to other users.


a) For smaller quantities on request and on behalf of the buyer, the supplier can arrange the production in Croatia, according to a separate agreement.

b) the patent P20090451 is 20.08.09.g. reported in Croatia. The deadline for foreign or international patent application emphasizes 19.08.10.g. c) The cost of protection in Croatia will be pay from inventor, and the costs of foreign protection from the buyer.

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3D pictures.pdf

Patent: HR 20,090,451

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Invention #11555
Date posted: 2009-09-04

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