Spillramp, global warming reducer, co2 reducer

The Spillramp reduces the need for paper towels because it allows fluids to be efficiently, hygienically, and in an environmentally friendly, reusable manner.

Full Description:
The Spillramp reduces paper towel waste in landfills because it assists in cleaning up fluid spills without the use of paper towels or cloth towels. It is an environmentally friendly, renewable, carbon neutral, and a carbon footprint reducer in global warming.

People have gotten in the habbit of using paper towels to clean many things, the dining table, the chair, the sink, the mirror, the car, as well as for picking up spills, when you add the single use consumption of paper towels, and their impact on the landfills, it is astounding.

People that use cloth towels spend money to wash and dry the cloth which wastes energy and increased carbon dioxide emissions. Cloth towels also harbor bacteria, and cause people to get sick.

The Spillramp allows people to clean, but not waste paper towels or resort to washing and drying cloth towels. The Spillramp is a lifetime solution to a lifetime problem!

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Reduces Waste in the landfills as a result of daily cleaning, and reduces global warming, curbs Carbon Dioxide Emissions, is environmentally friendly, and hygenic.

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Invention #11600
Date posted: 2010-01-28

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