Reciprocating File/Prep File

The Reciprocating File consists of a section of file retrofittedwith a clamp which attatches to the blade of a reciprocating saw. This tool is designed specifically for hard material fab work, where much precise filing is needed. It works great on steel, aluminum, plastic, and wood.

Full Description:
The reciprocating file is a basic, simple, easy to use attatchment that will accomodate any reciprocating/ saber saw on the market. The design consists of a section of file (flat, round, or angle ) fitted with a clamp and lock down screws. It clamps directly to any recip saw blade, eliminating the need of a coupler and allowing a quick change ability with saws equipped with a quick change arbor. Very durable. Perpendicular attatchment to the blade allows high pressure to be applied to the work surface.
This tool is specifically designed for shaping flush preps in steel and aluminum (hinge and strike preps in doors, power transfers, latches, mail slots, etc.) but can be utilized on other various materials where precise filing is needed.
One of the greatest benefits of this tool is its unique ability to replace a grinder where excessive noise, sparks, and flying debris are less desireable, as in a HAZ-MAT, occupied construction area, or other places such as a custom bike or body shop where finished paint is most vulnerable. Prototypes have proven themselves for over a year under moderate use with no failure. RECYCLE an old one which has lost its cutting ability. Makes a once tedious task easy and fast. Patent pending.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Allows motorized motion to a mill file.

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
Prototype demo on youtube under "Reciprocating File"

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Patent: US 61,349,806

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Invention #11640
Date posted: 2010-10-22

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