T-Sheild/ Termite Shield

A device installed at the bottom of the exterior wall finish, this product protects, enhances and seals the application from weather and insects.
A proven method of the best protection method avaliable.
easy installtion of new and retro applications.

Full Description:
The patented shape of the T-Shield is made of machined formed galvanized steel that is sealed directly to the outside top edge of the finished floor slab, and sealed to the base plate of the exterior wall to form an impenetrable barrier.
The exterior siding sits on the outside angle of the T-Shield, creating a straight line and perfect seal area protecting the bottom edge of the wood siding or stucco application. Perfectly green product for excellent protection. Modular pre fabricated items require minor training for perfect results every time.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Keeping subterrranean termites and associated vermin out of your home (wood frame/steel frame constuction), also preserving the wood siding or stucco finishes providing a clean and water tite base on the constuction applications.
A breakthrough in common sense approch in constuction practices.

Patent: US 5,979,123

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Invention #11769
Date posted: 2012-08-12

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