No-Flood Wirelss Flood Prevention System

Wireless sensors detect accidental release of water inside a property communicates with a base unit which shuts off an automatic ball valve connected to main incoming water line

Full Description:
Wireless system employs a number of sensors located throughout a property anywhere pressurized water lines exist. This includes hot water heaters, ice maker lines, toilets, sinks, or anywhere the potential for water release exists. Upon detection of water release sensors transmit a signal to a main base control unit which then sends a signal to an automated ball valve located on the main incoming water line shutting it off until it is reset.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Prevents accidental release of water inside a home or business by sensing water release and shutting off main water supply

Attached files:
Final No Flood Flyer RV2.pdf
No Flood FAQ.pdf
Product Specification No.docx

Patent: US 70,441,542

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Invention #11794
Date posted: 2013-01-22

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