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In India and few asian countries we face lots of power shut downs, we use an inverter with a battery, but limited to time. If we can produce electricity with electricity and then use the same, it would save power, save on bills and save on natural resources to be used for other progress.

Full Description:
My Idea is not tested or run, but i thought that it may work since, While growing up i used to meet my friend Naim in Belgaum and the bus used to pass through Chitradurga , a place where windmills are many. I had an accident in 2002 and then while being bed rested i looked at the fan over my head and then thought if this invention would really work.

The idea was, if a room in a house was dedicated to a bigger base of a fan, which consisted magnets and wiring, powered with electricity to move it, would it produce energy for storage like the wind mills? which could be used to power the rest of the house? if this invention is a working one then so many countries in the world/villages/ would save power and global warming will reduce to 1/10th its rate right now.

I think this can work, if i had the money to hire some scientists and a production force, i would be more satisfied, but since i dont come from a rich family, i thought i would seek to see if this dream could be worked on by some one who has the finance for it.

I seek help to take this dream further and hopefully it gets created in a form that everyone can use and save.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Production of electricity and its usage at a domestic level.

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Date posted: 2013-06-14

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