Underground Wind Turbine UWT.

Underground Wind Turbine
A hidden perpetual motion generator powered by water.
It’s so simple; no one will see them or hear them.
The UWT is a simple construction, built underground producing electricity for homes all year round, day and night.
No more above ground wind turbines destroying our countryside, once the UWTs are built they can be covered over and hidden from view.

Full Description:
The UWT. Underground Wind Turbine.
A large tubular shaft comprised of concrete or pre-fab rings are constructed to a depth of 100 feet +, at the bottom of the shaft a water catchment tank is located, above this is a turbine propeller and motor.
Running from the bottom to the top of the shaft is a water pipe; the water is drawn up to the top by a solar pump. At the top of the shaft are a number of horizontal drilled pipes.
The pipes continually drip pumped water to create a shower of rain water.
The down force created by the falling rain turns the turbine at the base creating continuous electricity.
The whole construction can be hidden obviously underground a houses or a park can be built on top of it. No one would know its there.
The UWT works 24/7.. During the day the pump is powered by solar and by night by stored batteries

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Green energy, no more wind turbine dotted on our countryside, The UWT is hidden underground and houses,parks etc can be built on top of them.

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
RES is a renewable energy company has looked into my idea.

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Date posted: 2013-07-03

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