Generator of electricity from ocean waves

Production of electricity from ocean waves, maximizing the energy from ocean and tidal waves, storing the energy and self adjusting the generator for maximum output.

Full Description:
Building generator of electricity utilizing the energy produced by tidal and wind waves for coast and oil platform installation. The generator consists of four wings equipped with set of pistons each and central column with pressure expansion vessels and set of turbines. Number of three way valves and pressure controllers allow the storing of the energy including energy from tidal waves as well as self adjustment of the height of the floating part of the machine in order to maximize the output. Can be used at coast or installed on floating platforms.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Renewable energy utilization using the waves to produce electricity capable of storing the energy and controlling the production rates, self adjusting the generator for areas with high tidal waves and waves changing direction.

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Invention #11866
Date posted: 2013-08-30

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