Revolutionary Patient Identification Band

I have created a design for a revolutionary patient identification band that is much larger and much easily visible. However, at the same time-it also protects the patient's private data and information.

Full Description:
I, Dr. Vladimir Fridman, am a cardiologist in Brooklyn, NY. I (and many of my colleagues) have been extremely disappointed with the currently available patient ID bands. They are too small, impossible to read (especially if the printed portion faces down when the patient's arm is down), and are completely useless in the evening/night hours.

This causes a lot of patient identification mistakes, and is simply unacceptable.

I have designed (with a patent application submitted and pending), a completely different type of patient ID tag. It is much larger, and has an inner and an outer sections. The outer section has largely fonted initials and other non-protected information. The inner portion has very largely fonted name and sections for multiple important pieces of information (dob, dnr/dni status, etc.).

The actual information can still be easily printed by a printer on a piece of paper. This piece of paper is then inserted in the appropriate slots in the pre-made identification tag. This makes the process simple and fairly cheap. It does not involve any fancy/expensive computer printers or technology.

This is a completely revolutionary patient ID tag design. It does not involve any complex/expensive barcodes or any extra technology. It is simply a new type of patient ID tag.

As one of the leaders of patient ID tag manufacturing and patient safety, I hope you would be interested in this idea.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
The current patient identification band is very small and barely visible. Furthermore, it is absolutely useless in the nighttime hours as it is purely invisible. This accounts for many patient identification errors, and must be resolved!

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Patent: US 14,333,068

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Date posted: 2015-05-25

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