Process and Apparatus for the Production of a Solid Fuel from Combustible Wastes

Our process transforms fractions rejection of both organic waste and inorganic solid fuel in a recuperago with a homogeneous chemical composition has some physical-chemical characteristics that make it ideal for use as an environmentally friendly and renewable fuel.

Full Description:
The present invention relates to a machine for manufacturing solid recovered fuel, to a process for obtaining solid recovered fuel and to the solid recovered fuel obtained from said process. The homogenization extruder machine comprises a main body (7) provided with a feed opening (6), an extruder screw (9) and an outlet (14), characterized in that it comprises a compression cone (11) arranged at the final end of the extruder screw (9) and opening and closing means (12) for opening and closing the outlet (14).

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Our process is aimed at urban and industrial solid waste, both organic and inorganic that can not be recovered or recycled media centers implanted in waste treatment.

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Patent: GB 2,711,411   [MORE INFO]

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Invention #12130
Date posted: 2016-05-05

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