Early Warning Protection System

A stand-alone property protection device that plugs into the wall outlet of a home, garage, cabin or office building, which monitors temperature, will detect a flood, and will work with wireless smoke detectors to send automated alerts to the property owner.

Full Description:
Title: Device and methods for monitoring environmental conditions
Description: A stand-alone safety/property protection device that plugs into the wall outlet of a home, garage, cabin or office building, which monitors temperature, will detect a flood with telescoping, retractable water sensor probes and it will also work with wireless smoke detectors to monitor for smoke. The temperature monitoring is meant to protect against pipes freezing in the event of the failure of a furnace or boiler and loss of heat when there is no human presence in the building. It can also protect pets in a hot climate region if the air conditioner were to fail and the homeowner is not present. If an environmental condition reaches a threshold it will send an wireless, automated text to alert the property owner, neighbor, emergency services, or an insurance company. The device could also be programmed to auto-dial numbers and deliver a pre-recorded verbal alert. The device will have a battery back up so it will work in the event of a power outage and it can also alert the property owner that a power outage has occurred. There will also be an option to connect wireless temperature-sensing probes to this device that are placed in a refrigerator or freezer to protect against food spoiling in the event of a power outage or equipment failure. This device would be a low-cost alternative to a high-end alarm system as the device has its own internal communication system and operates like an automated cell phone to send pre-programmed alerts using wireless cell phone networks. As this is a low cost device, it could quickly pay for itself with discounts on insurance premiums because of its early-warning capability and added protection for the property. Another benefit of the device is that it may remove the necessity for friends to check your home while you are away on vacation which is normally necessary to maintain insurance coverage (every 3-5 days depending on the insurance company). The device is also different than other technologies in the market which require a computer, server and wi-fi to function. This early warning protection system can save the property owner thousands in damage by getting automated alerts in the event of a disaster.

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US Patent Number: 9299239

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This device protects a home, cabin or office building when the owner is not present in the building. It monitors for extreme temperature changes, floods, and works with wireless smoke detectors to alert the property owner of an emergency situation via text or automated phone call. It can prevent excessive damage to the property in the event of a disaster.

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Date posted: 2016-06-14

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