Buoyant Bimini Top

$54.75 million is the estimated gross return on a conservative 1% market penetration.
The Buoyant Bimini Top is a naval architecturally designed inflatable and buoyant sun shade for small craft to prevent capsize.
The buoyant sun shade is positioned high on the vessels centreline by means of a robust targa bar/sports bar to ensure maximum righting power.
The product also has the ability to be completely collapsed when not in use for easy storage and road transport.
Results of a survey conducted with boating enthusiasts returned a 92% positive response to concept, with 90% likely to buy.
In the US there are approximately 7.5 million vessels under 20ft in length as of 2016.
The concept of this product has been verified by the commercial marine industry.
Link to Verification; https://www.dropbox.com/s/kwsqg5uukkx2ul2/Buoyant%20Bimini%20Top%20for%20recreational%20boaties..pptx?dl=0

Full Description:
Many needless lives are lost each year due to vessel capsize and drowning.
According to the United States Coast Guard, the number one cause of boat accident injuries is capsized boats. Each year, an estimated 1,000 people die in boating accidents and many of those fatalities occur when a boat overturns and those aboard suffer head injuries or drown.
Research has shown that small vessel capsize is unexpected and can happen in seconds and in most cases the vessels occupants are not wearing life jackets.
With the boat inverted, wet and slippery, people in the water are in shock and are soon fatigued in their efforts to simply hold on.
Drowning often follows.
People are also becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of excessive sun exposure and the risk of skin cancer.
Melanoma will account for more than 73,000 cases of invasive skin cancer in 2015. It accounts for more than 9,900 of the more than 13,000 skin cancer deaths each year: American Cancer Society.
SurviCap has developed a product for small craft that incorporates an inflatable compartment into a collapsible sun shade that will resist capsize or in extreme cases assist in recovering the vessel in the event of capsize. This device will be mounted on a Targa Bar or Sports Bar which arches across the vessel to ensure a strong durable base.
Our product will assist the victims to right the vessel and thereby access life jackets and safety gear, gain protection from the elements and marine predators, and subsequently enable passengers to attract help or effect self rescue.
This Targa Bar will allow provision to mount fishing rod holders, radar or radio aerials and navigation lights. The Targa Bar is a highly desirable, aesthetic and functional addition to small water craft.
Our company’s vision is to introduce this device to the recreational boating world in the hope that many lives will be preserved and amateur boaters can enjoy better peace of mind when messing about in boats with their friends and loved ones.
This concept has been available for many years on rescue vessels in the commercial marine industry, so isn’t it time that recreational boaters can enjoy the same level of safety?

Link to Demonstration of prototype; https://www.dropbox.com/s/yo37a7296180nm2/BBT.mp4?dl=0

Dru Wood
Tug Captain/ Marine Engineer
SurviCap Pty Ltd

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Many lives are lost needlessly each year due to small vessel capsize and drowning. Many lives are also lost each year due to sun cancer.
This product addresses both issues.
The Buoyant Bimini Top will prevent capsize or in extreme cases assist in recovery from capsize by allowing victims to right the vessel thereby accessing life jackets, safety gear, food and water. Subsequently passengers are then able to gain protection from the elements and marine predators and attract help or effect self rescue.

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
Business plan, survey results, prototype

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Patent: US 9,815,533   [MORE INFO]

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Date posted: 2016-12-02

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