System for Generating Electricity from Wind with Use of Moving Vehicles

The present invention relates to systems for generating electricity from wind Many systems for generating electricity from wind are known The most popular system include wind mills that have a turbine rotatable by wind and an electrical generator having a rotary shaft connekted with a turbine shaft and rotatable from the latter so that the electrical generates electrical energy.

Full Description:
A great leap forward was accomplished with the invention of automobile.
It allowed for a quick and comfortable movement between big distances
in relatively short period of time.

Today people can't imagine their lives without cars.
However automobiles have huge drawback. They produce enormous amounts
of harmful gases.

These gases pollute our planet and also damage ozone layer which protects
earth from harmful rays of the sun.

Moreover these harmful gases(produced by the cars) pollute the air people
breath. And as the number of cars have exponentially increase over the
decades so have increased different medical problems associated with
the use of cars.

The problem is that automobiles pollute air, and when people inhale
this polluted air they become susceptible to many medical problems

But lately many companies, trying to rectify the situation
started to produce electric cars. Theses automobile do not pollute
atmosphere but they have one drawback, the electric batteries on which
they run have to be recharged every few dozen miles.
This makes the use of electric cars problematic.

I have invented a new method, which will make the use of
electric automobiles practical and efficient.

Any movement makes air pressure in front of itself. This pressure
then (when automobile moves) moves upward and slides above the
cars roof (and it also move around the car's sides)
Thus a very strong airflow is produced when car is in motion.
I came with a new, unique method of using this powerful airflow
(above and around the car) to make electric automobile truly
economic and practical.

One of the well known fact about automobile operation is that when
car moves, air hits the front of the car and then moves back above
the roof. Currently the air which moves above and around the
car is just wasted, but it can be used to produce positive energy.

I found the way, how to generate electrical energy using the air
tunnel which is generated when the car moves.
My invention creates electricity by putting a small device(electrical
turbine) on the roof of the automobile. When the car moves air flow
will rotate the turbine which in turn will rotate electrical
generator connected to the turbine thus creating free electricity.

My invention will truly revolutionize the use of electric automobiles,
because cars which currently travel only 100-miles through the
use of electricity, using my device will be able to travel 200-miles
and more without any need to use gas.
The main reason my invention is so valuable is because, when the
car moves it will autocratically recharge electrical batteries.

Below is a brief description of my invention.
The device (located on the roof of the automobile) has a turbine
inside. At the front of the device (on the right side) there is a
special entrance though which air flows in, thus rotating the turbine.
While at the end of the device the air exits through the exit on the left
side of the device thus increasing the force with which the turbine
is rotated.

My device designed in such a way that the air flow which exits the
turbine has very high pressure. Therefor the air flow coming
out of one car will be used to provide boost to the air flow which will
be used by the incoming car to power it's electricity generating device.
Also my newly invented device can not only be installed in the cars
but can also be place in the middle of the road. And the air flow coming
out of the passing cars will continuously rotate these turbines
thus generating constant free electricity, which can be used to power
highway lights as well as other devices.

To summarize, the use of my new electricity generating device (through the
use of moving vehicles) will enable electric automobiles to replace
current gas powered automobiles.

Thus stopping an environmental pollution, generate great savings for
government as well as regular citizens and giving a boost to the
economic development.

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to get additional information.

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Date posted: 2017-03-08

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