Flower Fortress

The answer to the gardeners’ prayers! Flower Fortress banishes threats to potted plants and succulents posed by snails and slugs. This environmentally friendly device does not harm the creatures and it is safe for pets and children.

Full Description:
The Flower Fortress is a novel, circular pot-stand ringed by two interlocking sets of six parabolic curves suitable to receive a variety of sizes of pot, standing slightly clear of the ground on four feet. Many slugs and snails just crawl right underneath, but some will find the feet and follow the smell of the plant upwards.

In the case of conventional pot stands, this means the slug can happily climb up the pot and feast on the precious plant within. With the Flower Fortress however, once the slug reaches the apex of the outer curve, it cannot go any higher, so searches sideways and all it finds is the inner curve. The slug crosses and climbs up to the apex of the inner curve and the whole process starts again — effectively detracting the hungry gastropod from its target.

These creatures will travel on all night crossing from one curve to the other without ever reaching the pot-plant, until morning arrives and they instinctively look for the way down. The inner curves do not travel as far down in their curves as the outer ones, so the slug crosses to an outer curve to get back down to the ground and leaves the plant undisturbed. It might be very hungry, but it is otherwise unharmed.

The Flower Fortress is completely safe and is conveniently 17” wide by 5” tall to accommodate most containers but could be available in larger sizes to suit. All are designed to be stackable when not in use or being retailed.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Slugs and snails are the scourge of precious potted plants. The ‘Flower Fortress’ stops over 90% of slugs and snails from damaging pot plants without harming the slugs or the environment in any way. It’s easy to use and safe for children and pets.

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
Approximately 30 samples of the product. Also, the mold for molding the product.

Attached files:
Flower Fortress Brochure - 3[1].pdf

Patent: GB 235,857

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Invention #12196
Date posted: 2017-07-07

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