Carbon Dioxide to Advanced Carbon Products Process and Technology

Carbon dioxide gas mining device for making high value diamond like carbon powder, wire and graphite

Full Description:
We researched for 7 years, made several prototypes that mined carbon from carbon dioxide using an electrically heated gas plasma membrane that dissociates CO2 into carbon and oxygen. Diamond like wire, powder, and graphite were the main high value products proven on the prototypes. The process is low pressure and could lead to more product variety.

We made a data room showing the products, data and the prototypes. The CO2 gas reduction process is scalable and modular. Due to health reasons the researcher had to stop seeking funding to scale up. The company is wanting $1.5M for an acquisition of the IP and all of the engineering design and commissioning experience. The finder would receive a 2% of gross finders fee upon successful acquisition occurring.

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Date posted: 2018-07-26

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