Chemistry Inventions

electromagnetic energy in liquid form

Electromagnetic energy in liquid base form be performed in the cure of aids and other deathly diseases. Control the amplifcation of different types of frequencies.

All Bugs Gone

All Bugs Gone is a natural remedy that is non-toxic and will rid home, business or any place bed bugs roam.

Polymeric Opacifier

This invention relates to polymer technology. More particularly, this invention relates to polymer particles for use in paint compositions or other applications, paint compositions containing the polymer particles, a method of manufacturing polymer particles for use in a paint composition, and a method of making such a paint composition.

new way to capture and seperate carbon dioxide from flue-gas

a new way which can capture and separate carbon dioxide from flue gas efficiently was give out and after 2 steps separation, the carbon dioxide concentration can be as high as 99.00%.

Making a new chemical product from formaldehyde that is used in phenolic resin

Formaldehyde synthetic in proximity of CS2 &other

Stop spiders weaving webs in particular places

Apply a treatment as an additive to paint or on its own which deters spiders from forming webs on any type of internal and external surface. The treatment will not be harmful to humans or animals.

Mercury electrodes or mercury platinas

I have produced %100 homogenous mercury eledtrodes that are used in fluid level control systems.

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