Gas Actuate Thermometer

It is a medical thermometer that uses gas instead of liquid to measure the temperature. Because of its high heat sensitivity, gas is a faster and better medium to measure the temperature with.

Full Description:
The gas-actuated thermometer includes a bulb or reservoir at one end and an indicator tube hermetically sealed thereto and extending therefrom. The bulb and indicator portions are preferably formed as a single, unitary structure of monolithic construction, using a strong, break-resistant glass. At least the indicator tube portion is flattened to have an elliptical or similar cross-section. The bulb is preferably similarly shaped to facilitate insertion into the mouth as an oral medical thermometer. A narrowing of the portion between the bulb and the indicator tube may be provided to facilitate retention in the mouth by a patient or subject.

The indicator tube portion of the thermometer includes a closed cell foam indicator therein. The indicator is driven within the tube portion by a gas contained within the bulb and expanding into the adjacent tube portion as its temperature increases. A second dissimilar gas or mechanical spring may be provided in the opposite end of the tube to balance the pressure of the temperature sensing gas in the bulb and adjacent portion of the tube. The gases are selected from any of a number of suitable non-toxic gaseous elements, compounds, or mixtures. The indicator tube portion is preferably marked with both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales to facilitate temperature measurements. While the gas-actuated thermometer is particularly well adapted for measuring body temperature and similar temperature ranges for medical use, it may be adapted for use in measuring other temperature ranges.

These and other features of the present invention will become readily apparent upon further review of the following specification and drawings.

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Date posted: 2018-12-17

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