Mammoth Earth Waste to Product Innovation

The Mammoth block is a new innovation to recycle non recyclable plastics and other problematic waste materials.

Full Description:
Mammoth block, will hold two massive compressed bales of plastic waste material .
The compressed bales gives the block great installation properties against extreme
weather conditions. This product would suit areas affected by cyclones, tornadoes,
landslides , tailing dam failures, The block is also a great product for Coastal Erosion
problems SEAWALLS harbours. Rail Mining and civil engineering projects.
The list goes on. The Mammoth system can be set up on any landfill or waste facility
any ware in the world. This is a new industry great employment opportunities .
The benefits are enormous for the waste and construction industry.
This is waste to product Innovation at it's very best Combat climate change. Helping to
save our habitat for our future generations to come.....till we find something better.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Waste management - Climate change - Coastal erosion .

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
The Mammoth concept .Will be sold under licence to the waste management, manufacture and the construction, industry.
We are now in the marketing stage. Business plan Yes. Patent Pending Yes. Trademark Yes.
We are looking for partners .This is a great business opportunity to be pert of this global environmental project. Contact John for Mammoth Earth Waste to Product Innovation

Attached files:
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Available for consultation? Yes

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Date posted: 2019-07-18

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