Wind Turbine Blade Assembly

This Wind Turbine Blade Assembly capitalizes the benefits of a vertical axis. Collecting wind from any direction, a set of five unique 40-degree conic turbine blades with specific spoke to blade ratio, provide amplified, stable wind energy, producing high torque output while being wildlife safe and running silent.

Full Description:
This Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Blade Assembly (patent pending) is wildlife safe, runs silent, amplifies the collected wind energy and directs that energy into angular momentum for the purpose of turning a generator, pump or other devise. Five unique 40-degree conic turbine blades attached to a rotatable hub at a specific spoke to blade ratio, oriented about a vertical axis, provide efficient solutions to common wind energy issues. Additionally, a vertical axis wind turbine collects wind from any direction, expanding location possibilities and reducing the total number of turbines needed in some areas.
The vertical axis is the first to turn in nature and nature can detect this turbine blade assembly because, as has been observed in testing, it is in the line of sight of birds and sonar of bats, thus avoiding the guillotine effect, leaving no animals harmed. A significant objection to wind energy is solved.
The efficient aerodynamic properties of this set of five 40-degree conic turbine blades, allow for silent rotation. When affixed to a bearing only and presented to the wind, there is no measurable sound detected in wind of any speed. This is attributed to the outside of each turbine blade, as a 40-degree conic, having a low friction flight through the air.
Amplification of the collected wind energy occurs inside of each turbine blade. As the blade is a 40-degree conic, when wind enters the blade, it is confined to an ever-decreasing space. As the space decreases, the forces are concentrated to a singular point in each blade, thus amplifying the collected wind energy. At the inner arc of the opening of each blade is where the amplified energy is exhausted, thereby increasing forward rotation.
The unique shape of the opening of the 40-degree conic turbine blade guides the wind energy, as it is being collected, into a centripetal force with angular momentum. Combined, this set of five blades produces stable, smooth rotation that maximizes the collected wind energy for high torque output.
An efficient design that utilizes the effects of climate change in order to address climate change, is a tangible contribution to the solutions we need. This vertical axis wind turbine blade assembly addresses and solves many of the objections to wind power while capitalizing on wind energy efficiency. Wildlife safety, silent running, increased stability and amplified collected wind energy are attributes of this wind turbine blade assembly that can be applied to new opportunities as well as improving efficiency in existing applications.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
Wildlife Safety, Noise, Efficiency and Stability in Wind Energy

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Date posted: 2021-10-08

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