Environmentally Friendly Graffiti Remover

Chemical formulation for graffiti removal that removes graffiti paint from any surface without damaging it, while being safe for people and the environment.

Full Description:
Graffiti has become a hurdle for most cities, public transportation and private owners, to maintain their infrastructures clean with ease at reasonable costs. Our solution is looking to solve the need of a product that truly works in multiple surfaces, in a relatively short time, without specific safety equipment and training and without any human safety risks (e.g.: strong chemical solvents), while not damaging the original surface. A user-friendly product, that can be used both by professionals and individuals, and that’s also environmentally friendly. We believe it’s hard to find a solution that truly works while tackling all these needs.

We are currently searching for a partner to launch this technology to the market through license or IP assignment. To bear in mind that our solution can still be adjusted to meet a specific need. If there’s anything that a client would be looking at in a product for graffiti removal, we could work under a co-development agreement to evolve the current formula to include it (e.g.: product form, recommendation on compounds to avoid/to use, % of solvents, % of mineral compounds, specific applicable surfaces, application process/instructions…).

A patent technology report was provided by the Spanish patent trademark office confirming the patentability of the solution.

Demo video: https://youtu.be/llxg0jU_IlM

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Invention #12417
Date posted: 2022-02-24

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