MouseDeck™ - Laptop attachable mouse platform with multi-holder. Patent Application: GB2598619

The MouseDeck™ is a reversible mouse platform, making it suited to both right and left handed users, with an attachable page / device holder that attaches / overlaps the palm rest area of laptops which increases working hand movement efficiency up to 45%.

Full Description:
A single or dual MouseDeck™ may be used on a laptop. A single MouseDeck™, on the left or right side palm rest area, will facilitate efficient mouse gliding / movement while a dual MouseDeck™ setup, a unit on both the right and left palm rest area, will facilitate a CAD navigator device also a 'White Board'.

The unique packaging / carry case design transforms into a useful user's lap heat protector for use while 'on the move' of just lounging.

Here are links to two short videos on my YouTube Chanel which shows further details of the MouseDeck™ & Multi Holder also the Packaging / User's Lap Protector.

MouseDeck™ has won 1st Place in the LOOP Design Awards 2021 in the Products | Office and Workspace Design section. Full details here,

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
The MouseDeck™ allows an 'on the go' or lounging laptop user that wishes to input with a mouse the ability to do so most efficiently and conveniently.

Auxiliary products or services for sale:
MouseDeck™ is trademarked is secured

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Patent: GB 2,598,619

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Invention #12428
Date posted: 2022-05-19

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