Ergonomics Inventions

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MouseDeck™ - Laptop attachable mouse platform with multi-holder. Patent Application: GB2598619

The MouseDeck™ is a reversible mouse platform, making it suited to both right and left handed users, with an attachable page / device holder that attaches / overlaps the palm rest area of laptops which increases working hand movement efficiency up to 45%.

5 Gallon Water Jug Carry Handle

A small simple item that grips the neck of the water jug for easy one hand lifting and carrying. This unit stops the strain on back and knees when moving these awkward jugs. With Millions of jugs worldwide this household appliance has great potential.


A tubular wrap for covering an outer surface of a pillow, the wrap comprising a tubular body, turns a standard pillow into an open ended bolster pillow. It has travel and theraputic applications.

Insulation Extender

A device that performs this procedure with a simple pull of a handle on the part of the employee.

expandable sink

sink is redesigned to adjust to height and body position


The design of the Spare Tire Cradle does away with the existing spare tire holders. It gives a new meaning of the phrase "user friendly". No more crawling under the vehicle to extricate the spare tire. No more tools for bolting and unbolting the spare tire from the holder. With this design, all one has to do is unlock the arms or remove the straps of the cradle. The tire will stay in the cradle until it is removed. This design is outstanding because it eliminates strain on ones back and arms and decreases time involved in changing a tire.

Re-Mind-Me (TM) Training Pillow

A unique cut-foam pillow designed to train people not to sleep in the front-down position because that sleep posture may eventually lead to serious neck, shoulder and/or back pain, plus many chiropractic treatments and the need to purchase expensive therapeutic pillows. Preventing the pain and related problems is the smart thing to do.

I have sold my invention, the (Samson) Electron Battery Accelerator due to the listing on IdeaConnection. Thanks, was a great place for exposure to the public!
– Ken F.

Thanks IdeaConnection!
My Egg Cracker invention is now under licence in the United States, thanks to my listing on your inventions page.
– John O.