A new bicycle (not E) much easier to ride. also usable for wind turbines and ocean waves energy production.

Using a different way of transmitting the riders force, he can choose the effort & and speed of pedaling, not depending on mass/speed/slant. what makes the riding a completely different, and body adjusted, experience.

Full Description:
Using a simple yet patentable new way of pedaling, based on the idea of limited resistance transmitting dynamics.
the new bicycle become a convenient and much more efficient tool. although common bicycles are full off patents and improvements, this method is surely going to take the place of all of them.

The method should be used in many more subjects, especially in wind turbines and other clean energy sources.
The offer to sell the idea is only for bicycles, unless the purchaser will wish to create a partnership.

Problem this idea/invention addresses:
The regular bicycles demand fitness, and riding them becomes difficult if the weight is high, riding up hill, or having to slow and accelerate promptly.
The new patent allows each rider to choose the most suitable resistance for his pedaling force, and to move his legs in a steady speed he prefers.

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Invention #12432
Date posted: 2022-06-13

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