C Seed World's Largest Retractable TV

C Seed World's Largest Retractable TV
Hailed as the world’s largest outdoor TV, the C Seed 301 will rise from its underground lair to offer a 25-foot screen able to withstand wind and weather.

The C Seed TV is made from carbon fiber and titanium able to withstand winds up to 30 miles per hour, and features sensors that will trigger it to automatically retract if the winds get too high. The screen will emerge from its enclosure at the press of a button, rising to a height of 19 feet in 25 seconds and unfolding its panels fully after another 40 seconds to expose its 25-inch diagonal screen. The C Seed is also uniquely suitable for outdoor viewing, with a luminosity of 4500 nits and a 4,500:1 contrast ratio that offers a crisp image even in bright sunlight.

C Seed World's Largest Retractable TV

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