Flying Rider

Flying Rider
New Bicycle Has No Seat. Patented design suspends rider, improves power, enables “flying”.

Architect and engineer, D.M. Schwartz’s new bicycle design gives the rider the flying feeling previously known only to hang glider pilots, while also providing effective leverage on the pedals for hard pumping. “Watching an uphill section of the Tour de France in 2011, I thought all that bobbing up and down was a big waste of energy,” said Schwartz. “A frame with a place to push the small of your back against could take of that problem.”

Two years later, the US Patent Office agreed the new design was unique, awarding patent number 8,474,851 for the Suspended Rider Bicycle. Instead of a seat, the proof-of-concept version of the bike uses an upside down mountaineering harness, hanging from the arched frame. “A custom-designed wide belt with a quick-release snap ring on the back will be even more comfortable and easy to use,” Schwartz said. “We’re working on getting one made.”

“Flying RiderTM” has a padded crossbar at the top of the frame, which provides a place for the rider to push against. “It’s the same effect you get when pushing a heavy sofa by sitting on the floor with your back against the wall,” said Schwartz. “Until now, only recumbent bike designs had this feature.”

As anyone who has experienced soreness after an all-day ride can attest, bicycle seats are not the most comfy places to sit. The new bike’s suspension harness enhances comfort by distributing the rider’s weight over a larger area of the body.

Flying Rider

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