Handle Plus Gives Tablets a Grip

Handle Plus Gives Tablets a Grip
The clever Handle Plus invention makes any tablet easier to hold and use—on the go or at home.

As tablets become more common, they are leaving the confines of the house and being used for work or school—which also puts them at risk. To help users keep a grip on their devices, the Handle Plus attaches to the back of any tablet device, and functions as a handle, stand, carrier and a hanger. The handle can easily be removed and attached to different devices, and its 360-degree rotation allows the screen to be positioned at any angle.

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hey great day. im a interested investor and marketer, i would like to help get this product in moree stores near me , i network w the local businesses in my area , and see some potential and value for tablet users in my area . when you have the time to reach back out it would be greatly appreciated. great day and more success to the vision
Posted by lawrence webb on December 20, 2018

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