The Phone Cell

The Phone Cell
A cure for smartphone addiction. People problematically procrastinate too much on their phones which can be disruptive to their lives.

Being slaves to these devices creates Stockholm syndrome. Who is really in control? Intended for severe addicts, The Phone Cell aims to put an end to smartphone addiction and tests the willpower of it's users.

Focused around bedtime and morning, users place their phone in the device which then automatically locks. In the morning, the user can only be reunited with a “Cell Key” after they have taken 20 steps. This ensures users will get up and at em’ in the morning rather than procrastinate in bed in the morning! If sleep/wakeup isn’t your problem, you can reprogram the device and set your own phone-free time!

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When will this be available in shops??
Posted by Katie Turnbridge on July 12, 2016
Please visit subscribe to RamzanVong for updates on new releases. Subscribe at
Posted by Hans Ramzan on August 8, 2016

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