WatVision Reads Touchscreens for the Visually Impaired

WatVision Reads Touchscreens for the Visually Impaired
The WatVision app promotes independence by making it possible for visually impaired to use touchscreens.

As touchscreens become more common, the visually impaired are sometimes inconvenienced by the lack of tactile information. To provide more independence in their daily lives, the team from Waterloo University created the WatVision system, which relies on a smartphone running the app and a ring worn on the finger. When confronted with a touchscreen, the user can access the app and image the touchscreen with the smartphone’s camera. The system will then interpret the touchscreen’s controls and read the information out loud as the user’s finger passes over it.

The WatVision recently received a James Dyson award.

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