Wearable Sensor Tests Sweat for Signs of Gout

Wearable Sensor Tests Sweat for Signs of Gout
A wearable sensor able to detect gout-causing compounds in sweat can identify the disease sooner without the need for needles.

The sensor, developed by an international team of researchers, features a network of microchannels created using a low-cost, CO2 laser engraving process. Once applied to the skin, the flexible device will actively sample and test the wearer’s sweat for concentrations of uric acid and tyrosine, which can indicate the development of gout. The information is transmitted wirelessly to a paired device for analysis.

According to assistant professor Wei Gao, “Such wearable sweat sensors have the potential to rapidly, continuously, and noninvasively capture changes in health at the molecular level. They could enable personalized monitoring, early diagnosis, and timely intervention.”

Wearable Sensor Tests Sweat for Signs of Gout

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