Your Pocket Translator

Your Pocket Translator
"Communication is key" but sometimes conveying your message doesn't come easy when encountering someone who speaks a different tongue, especially Sign Language. Without an interpreter, it would be impossible for anyone who expressed themselves in sign language to be able to get their message across to a non-speaker. Today, that barrier is no more.

A team of scientists from UCLA's Samueli school of Engineering created a pocket Sign Language translator: a glove that translates over 60 different sign languages into English. By connecting sensors over the length of all your fingers, the glove can register each movement and record them into English words through a downloadable app.

Not only will this innovation help clear the language barrier, it will also facilitate the learning of Sign Language for all, promoting inclusivity for all. Moreover, the design is not as expensive as one would think, allowing massive production and sales. This could have a massive positive impact on lives all around the globe.

Your Pocket Translator

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