Typodont for Demonstrating Orthodontic Occlusal Problems and the Correction Thereof

The invention relates to a method of demonstrating use of an orthodontic removable appliance component, which method employs a typodont having an adjustable part (i.e. a tooth, teeth, palate) that is capable of simulating an orthodontic occlusal problem of the type correctable by a removable appliance component. The adjustable part being movable between a first position corresponding to the occlusal problem, and one or more second positions at least one of which is a corrected position, the method comprising the steps of positioning the adjustable part (i.e. a tooth) in the first position by means of a positioning means, applying the removable appliance component to the typodont, adjusting the removable appliance component to initiate correction of the occlusal problem; and repeating the last step to continue correction in a step-wise process.; The positioning means is adjustable between a first state in which it exerts high resistance to movement of the adjustable part, and a second state in which it exerts lower resistance to movement of the adjustable part. The position means may be a deformable material which softens on heating.

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