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By listing your patent with IdeaConnection, it will immediately be viewable by our million+ visitors, and our network of CrowdSellers will search their contacts for potential buyers.

By choosing IdeaConnection as your technology repository, you will also ensure that your IP is picked up by Google Search, usually within 24 hours.

Buyers and Sellers Contact you Directly

You negotiate directly with patent buyers, and/or CrowdSellers wishing to receive a commission for selling your invention. IdeaConnection is not involved in the technology transfer, and does not charge a percentage of any patent sale or licensing.

Invention Not Patented?
No problem... you may list it in our "Crowdsell Your Invention" section.

$49.95 CrowdSell Your Patent
  • Notifying people who have signed up as CrowdSellers
  • Listing on Website
  • 1 time posting to 40,000+ Open Innovation Newsletter subscribers
  • Top listing on Patents for Sale for at least a week
  • Link to your website (if applicable)

$49.95 CrowdSell Your Patent
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Please Note: we do not accept patents for weapons.

Marketing for a Listed Patent

If you have previously listed a patent on our website, and wish to engage our CrowdSelling service, please Contact Us ›