Method and System for Analog Beamforming in Wireless Communication Systems

The present invention is related to a method of analog beamforming in a wireless communication system, whereby said system has a plurality of transmit antennas and receive antennas. The method comprises the steps of determining transmit beamforming coefficients and receive beamforming coefficients by : - determining information representative of communication channels formed between a transmit antenna and a receive antenna of the plurality of antennas, - defining a set of coefficients representing jointly the transmit and the receive beamforming coefficients, - determining a beamforming cost function using the information and the set of coefficients, - determining an optimized set of coefficients by exploiting the beamforming cost function, - separating the optimized set of coefficients into optimized transmit beamforming coefficients and optimized receive beamforming coefficients.

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WO 2,010,094,744

Inventor(s): NSENGA JIMMY [BE]

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