System and Method for Authenticating the Genuineness of Products Using Information Technology

The invention involves the use of sms, sms-capable telephone, database computer and sealed codes to authenticate the genuineness of physical products at the point of sale or anytime thereafter. The advantage of the system over prior art include the following:
a. It is extremely difficult to compromise.
b. Users (product buyer) does not require any special or technical knowledge to employ the system to authenticate the genuineness of the product he/she intends to purchase.
c. The authentication is virtually instantaneous.
d. The system enables the product manufacturer, the appointed vendor, and/or government agencies to obtain data on the sale of the product.
e. Data on the attempts made by counterfeiters to sell the fake of the product and where such attempts were made can be provided to the manufacturer, vendor or government agencies.
f. The system can also be used to combat smuggling.

Type of Offer: Licensing

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