Actuator Powered Deformable Soft-bodied Autonomous Platforms

The present solution described herein provides apparatuses, methods and systems for coordinating and controlling movement of soft-bodied robots, or soft-bodied platforms. A soft- bodied robot may move across a terrain by morphing, deforming, expanding, shrinking, extending, contracting, twisting, untwisting, bending or straightening of its body using actuators positioned within the body. The body may be divided into many segments. The segments may be moved or controlled by actuators that are attached to various sections of the body. The actuators may deform or reshape themselves to induce movement onto the soft-bodied robot whose soft material body walls allow for morphing and deformation. The soft-bodied robot may further include systems and apparatuses for controlling and coordinating the movement of the robots and performing any additional functionality.

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WO 2,009,079,479

Inventor(s): TRIMMER BARRY [US]

Type of Offer: Licensing

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