Method for the Operation of an Antenna Group Having a Plurality of Transmitters and a Plurality of Receivers and Associated Apparatus

The present invention relates to a method for the operation of an antenna group (1) having M>=2 transmitters and N>=2 receivers (3) for the digital beamforming. In the method, a coherent transmit signal is transmitted in a transmit-receive-cycle via each of the M transmitters (2) into an area to be monitored, and a coherent receive signal from the area is recorded by each of the N receivers (3) for each transmit signal so that M.N receive signals are obtained. To each receive signal, a combination of the respective transmitting transmitter (2) and the respective receiving receiver (3) is allocated. The M.N receive signals are processed by means of digital beamforming to obtain spatial information about objects in the area to be monitored.; In the method, each of the M.N receive signals is multiplied during processing by an amplitude factor which is individually allocated to the respective combination of transmitter (2) and receiver (3), wherein the amplitude factors are selected such that an increase of the signal dynamic range at the digital beamforming is achieved. The method and the apparatus formed for the execution of the method allow a high angle resolution and, at the same time, a high signal dynamic range.

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