Broadcast Latency Optimization in Multihop Wireless Networks

A system and methodology that can optimize practical performance by reducing broadcast latency and collisions in a multihop wireless network is provided. The system includes an optimization component that determines a schedule for transmitting and/or receiving messages at nodes in the network during one-to-all broadcasting, all-to-all broadcasting, and/or all-to-one collection. The schedule enables each node in wireless network to participate in broadcasting as soon as possible, such that, when a node transmits a message to its parent to deliver the message to a source node, the children of the node also receive the message and initiate broadcasting the message in their subtrees in parallel. Further, during data collection, the schedule for messages to be transmitted to a sink node is determined based in part on a priority associated with the message.; Additionally, the generated schedule does not affect a set of theoretical bounds associated with a broadcast algorithm employed by the network.

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