Common-path Interferometer Rendering Amplitude and Phase of Scattered Light

A beam of coherent laser light with linear polarization oriented at 45 degrees to vertical is expanded, and passes through a quarter-wave plate with the fast axis oriented vertically, creating circularly polarized light. The light then passes through a non-polarizing 50/50 beamsplitter. A partial reflector then colHnearly reflects a portion of the beam, which is used as the reference beam. The transmitted light passes through a linear polarizer oriented at 45 degrees to vertical, and is focused via a lens onto the sample of interest. Light scattered from this region is re- collimated by the lens and the directed through the linear 45 degree polarizer and through the partial reflector, where it recombines with the reference beam. One use of the invention is to detect microparticles in water.

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WO 2,009,073,259


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