Method and System for Providing Media Content for a Plurality of Nodes in a Data Network

The invention relates to a method for providing media content for a plurality of nodes (K1,..., K8, K', K") to a data network, wherein the media content comprises one or more media files (VF) and the nodes (K1, ..., K8, K', K") can be addressed via addresses in the data network. In the method according to the invention, a decentralized structure (R) managed via one or more first nodes (K1,..., K8) is formed for each media file (VF) to be provided in the data network such that the respective media file (VF) is divided into a plurality of sections (C) and one identity value (0, ..., 31) from an identity interval comprising successive identity values (0, ..., 31) is allocated to each section (C), wherein the first nodes (K1, ..., K8) are each responsible for a partial interval from the identity interval and thus for a partial volume of sections (C) from the respective media file (VF).; A number of second nodes (K', K") are stored with the addresses thereof in a respective first node (K1, ..., K8) of the decentralized structure (R), wherein there are the first nodes (K', K") for providing the sections (C) according to the partial interval for which the respective first node (K1, ..., K8) is responsible.; A receiving node (SK) that is provided for downloading at least one part of a respective media file (VF) calls by means of one or more queries to the first node (K1,..., K8) in the decentralized structure (R) of the respective media file (VF) for the addresses of second nodes (K', K") comprising at least a portion of said second nodes (K', K"), which provide the sections of the at least one portion of the media file, and downloads sections (C) comprising the sections (C) of the at least one portion of the media file (VF) from at least one part of the second nodes (K', K"), the addresses of which are called.

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WO 2,010,102,926


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