Device and Method for Iterative Interference Compensation for Mobile Reception of OFDM Signals in Fast Varying Multipath Propagation Channels

A receiver and receiving method for Inter-Carrier Interference (ICI) compensation in an orthoghonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) system is provided. The receiver comprises an OFDM-demodulator (302) for demodulating a received OFDM signal r[l] into an input signal Y[l], first estimation means (304) for estimating and equalizing estimated transmit values X(0) [l] and a channel matrix H(0) [l] from said input signal Y[l], ICI reduction means (308) for reducing ICI of said input signal Y[l] by using said estimated transmit values X(0) [l] and said channel matrix H(0) [l], de-mapper and error correction means (306) for demapping and correcting errors of the ICI-reduced signals Y[l] and forming an output signal X[l]. The receiver (300) further comprises re-encoding means (307) for iteratively re-encoding and mapping said output signal X[l] as new estimated transmit values X(j)[l] and said ICI reduction means (308) is adapted to reduce an ICI of said input signal Y[l] by using said new estimated transmit values X(j)[l].

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WO 2,010,025,760   [MORE INFO]


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